Ownership Groups

In the culinary landscape of Minneapolis, 80% of eateries are independent and just 5% are orchestrated by restaurant groups (the rest are familiar chains). Below, we spill the beans on the maestros behind the scenes – the ownership groups pulling the strings on multiple dining spots. Many of these have concepts outside of Mpls, but that’s not our cup of tea now, is it?!

DDP Restaurant Group

Daniel del Prado


Placemaker Hospitality

Kim Bartmann


Vestalia Hospitality

Ann Kim


Jester Concepts (4)

Town Hall Group (4)

Blue Plate Restaurant Co. (3)

Soigné Hospitality

Gavin Kaysen


The After Midnight Group (3)

Parasole (2)

Craft & Crew Hospitality (2)

Chef Ann Ahmed (2)